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"Thanks for a job well done. Our guys thought you were the greatest. They had nothing but praise for you. They expressed they had learned more in the time spent with you than they had collectively learned ever."


"The courses that EITI presented were extremely good. It was interesting and full of relevant details and information. Most importantly, it was specific, relevant and interactive. "


"Without a doubt one of the better training sessions. I was impressed. "


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Pesticide Applicator Training

Forestry Non-broadcast Pesticide Applicator Certificate Category

Course Objective

To prepare workers to safely and responsibly apply herbicides along rights-of-way as required by the B.C. Integrated Pest Management Act and its Regulations.

Upon completion of 16 contact hours of instruction and class exercises, the student will have reviewed the core materials in the B.C. Ministry of Environment’s Pesticide Applicator Kit in order to write an open book examination designed and written by that Ministry.

The student will:

  • Review the concept of Integrated Pest Management as it relates to the management of weeds on public lands in B.C.
  • Have an understanding of the applicable regulations associated with the safe and responsible use of herbicides on public lands
  • Demonstrate an ability to interpret pesticide labels and Material Safety Data Sheets as they relate to the safe use of herbicides
  • Review how to store, transport, mix and load and handle pesticides in a safe manner.
  • Become familiar with the information in the pesticide kit as it relates to the pesticide recommendations given to specific weed species.
  • Become familiar with the environmental protection responses in the event of pesticide spills and the protection of environmental amenities (e.g., water)
Please contact EITI to register or for more information.