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EITI offers new Professional Development Seminars with EMI

JANUARY 2010 — THE ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY TRAINING INSTITUTE (EITI) joins forces with the ENERGY MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (EMI) to deliver the full spectrum of energy industry courses, from practical worker training to high level professional development for management and other industry professionals.

Advance in your energy career and gain Continuing Education credits with these professional development seminars offered through EITI.

In 2010, EITI signed an agreement with the Energy Management Institute (EMI) to offer high level educational seminars to energy professionals at various locations throughout North America and around the world. These high level seminars provide an emphasis on trading, risk management, and the physical market, providing energy professionals with essential career advancement tools and cutting-edge information. (See EITI’s website for more information on courses: http://www.eiti.us/Seminars.html ).

As a team, EITI and EMI can now offer customers training and advice at all levels of the energy business. EITI brings extensive expertise in real-world worker training that emphasizes safety, productivity, and power reliability. Having trained thousands of students throughout the world since 1991, EITI has developed a reputation for offering some of the best industry training available anywhere. Having helped our clients achieve some of the highest safety and performance records in the industry, EITI also provides consulting services in Safety Assessments, Operational Audits and Procedures Management.

EMI also brings an extensive team of highly educated and experienced industry experts — most have MBAs or advanced degrees in economics, as well as, numerous awards and publications. Many are executives recruited from trading, refiner/marketers, energy information and data companies, and transportation companies. EMI is also an education partner with the CME NYMEX and ICE, and specializes in providing the foremost innovative insight into the energy future.

EMI's esteemed alumni include all major and independent oil companies, Fortune 500 end-users, regulated and unregulated power and gas companies, public transit, large energy marketers, financial institutions, and U.S. and International State and Federal government agencies.