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EITI International creates partnership in the Philippines

July 2010 — EITI just signed an agreement with the MMLDC, Meralco’s premier training facility in the Philippines. This relationship will allow EITI to offer a wide variety of courses within the energy sector to technical experts in this region. These courses can be offered on site for clients or at the MMLDC training grounds.

“This allows us to optimize our international training presence by combining the strengths of both organizations” said Phil Davis, Executive Director, EITI. This relationship will allow both organizations to effectively deliver a one stop shop for all training needs within the electrical utility industry. By creating an ideal learning atmosphere, guests can truly take in the education and training being delivered to them.

The MMLDC foundation is in its 11th year as the top training facility, offering a wide variety of workshops, venues, comfortable accommodations and amazing amenities. While there, students can take advantage of the facilities many benefits including jogging, swimming, walking trails and fine dining at the open air Balinese style restaurant. This facility also offers the opportunity for great team building sessions while playing a competitive game of paint ball on the large field.

The unique facility was only one of the many factors that lead to EITI’s decision to partner with MMLDC. As well as an excellent track record in training, education and team building the MMLDC is not only committed to excellence in service, but hold a high regard for social responsibility. Each year the MMLDC along with Meralco is dedicated to giving back to the community and its customers by offering a helping hand in environmental issues, education, health, nutrition and year round disaster relief programs.

EITI is excited to have partnered with such a great foundation and venue so that the highest standard of training within Canada can now be delivered in Asia as well. Currently a power plant pilot program is being developed and will be available shortly along with a variety of other utility training programs.

For more information regarding the partnership and courses being offered please visits EITI’s website www.eiti.ca or Meralco’s site www.mmldc.org.